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Giggs makes a public apology

Giggs makes an apology

Peckham rapper Giggs made a public apology as his up and coming show at London’s Under the Bridge due to take place on the 15th October was cancelled.

In his video (watch below) Giggs was looking extremely swarve as he delivered a public apology to his fans for the cancelled show and promised to refund ticket sales for the show. Giggs then goes on to sarcastically address the Police by saying “I’m not even going to lie. Great work, man. Genius. Beautiful. Usually you don’t even give it the go-ahead, you cut it off straight away, but actually making me think it was going to happen and cancelling it a few days before… loved it.”

He then goes on to add ‘You went hard with that one. So good luck to you. You’re always going to slow me down, you’ve been slowing me down, but I’m still here.”

What a shame eh…

At least fans will get their funds back and fingers crossed that Giggs will have better luck in the future with being able to deliver what i think would be a great show.



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